Illinois Work Injury Resource Center (IWIRC) was founded in 2003 in Peoria’s historic warehouse district. IWIRC is a state-of-the-art occupational health facility built to provide best-practice medical care to employers and their employees ranging from pre-employment services through work-injury care.

IWIRC’s business model was based on significant research which primarily focused on businesses’ need to better manage workers’ compensation costs and on national trends in occupational health and rehabilitation. IWIRC was the first – and remains the only – total occupational health provider in the Peoria area built on exactly what employers and their employees want and need. Businesses who use IWIRC have seen a reduction in both workers’ compensation costs and in j0216040[1] time spent managing workers’ compensation claims. Employees of those businesses know they are receiving top-notch medical care whether it’s for pre-employment or post-injury services. In addition, both parties are more confident in the knowledge that the best candidate will be chosen to fill a particular position.

With time, IWIRC’s original vision grew to encompass an even greater range of services. IWIRC broadened pre-employment offerings to include state and FBI background checks, on-site diagnostics, and environmental exposure monitoring among other services. In 2007 a 2nd IWIRC clinic was added on the North side of Peoria.

IWIRC understands that the goal of every employer is to find an occupational health care provider who will not only partner with them to find candidates who are physically best suited for a particular job, but a provider who will diagnose and treat an injury while focusing on the employee’s safe, effective and expedited return to work. They also need that provider to keep both parties informed of progress each step of the way. It has been noted that, when a patient bounces among physicians and therapists at separate locations, they can easily get lost in the shuffle. The employer, and often the patient himself, is left trying to gather the various reports and invoices which only delays appropriate and proper care. IWIRC’s solution to this troubling issue was to bring all services under one roof: not only superior work-injury care, but services ranging from X-ray capabilities and physical rehabilitation, pre-employment drug screens and physicals, and medical surveillance and background checks. Since 2003 IWIRC has been and remains the one-stop, best resource for occupational health.

In addition to having all services at the same site, IWIRC clinicians work side-by-side with providers and therapists to guarantee that communication remains consistent. Patients seldom need an outside referral; however, if one is called for, IWIRC continues to manage the case until the patient is released to return to work at full duty. Throughout the entire care process our Communication Department makes certain that both employer and patient are kept up-to-date and current on case details.

IWIRC offers the most comprehensive occupational health program in the Peoria area. Medical care, rehabilitation, diagnostics and ?????????????????????????professional consulting are all available under one roof resulting in less travel and fewer lost work days for both parties. Exceptional customer service from a knowledgeable, well-trained and dedicated staff is how IWIRC continues to keep companies working.