Illinois Work Injury Resource Center (IWIRC, pronounced “I-Work”) is a state-of-the-art facility which provides an integrated occupational health program to employers and their employees throughout Central Illinois.

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Why Choose IWIRC for Your Occupational Health Needs?

IWIRC offers the most comprehensive occupational health program in the Central Illinois area. Medical care, physical rehabilitation, diagnostics and professional consulting are all available at a single site, resulting in better communication, less travel, and fewer lost work days for both employer and employee. Since its inception in 2003 IWIRC has become the one-stop, best resource for workplace health issues.

IWIRC: Your One-Stop Shop

One of the initial driving forces behind IWIRC’s development was the desire to show businesses a better way to manage work injury procedures. One very big issue for both management and the workforce was the amount of time spent traveling from a provider’s office to an x-ray facility, then possibly to a physical therapist and back again. IWIRC’s solution was to build a clinic to house all occupational health specialties under a single roof. Time wasted traveling was gone. Time wasted tracking down reports or invoices from various sites was eliminated, and frustration with providers unfamiliar with OSHA and FMCSA guidelines was erased.


                                                             IWIRC: A Better Way            

Each clinic offers pre-employment drug screens and physicals, acute injury treatment, x-rays, physical rehabilitation, medical surveillance and background checks. IWIRC clinicians work side-by-side with providers and therapists to guarantee that communication remains constant.

Throughout the entire care process our Communication Department makes certain that both employer and employee are kept up-to-date and current on case details.


 IWIRC: We Keep Companies Working 

Exceptional customer service from a knowledgeable, well-trained and dedicated staff combined with IWIRC’s one-stop-shop concept are the pieces of the occupational healthcare puzzle you’ve been missing.