Workers’ Compensation Fraud III – The Provider

Provider fraud occurs when an intentional misrepresentation of the facts of an injury are presented by the provider.  According to one survey, employers blame providers for workers’ compensation fraud about ten percent of the time. Fraud can take many forms, … Continued

When is an Accident an Accident?

“All accidents are preventable,” I once heard a safety manager say to his employees. It sounds good on the surface, but is it really true? An accident, by definition, is “an undesirable or unfortunate happening that occurs unintentionally and usually … Continued

Knowing the Demands of Your Jobs

I had the opportunity to put on my clinical hat a few days ago.  When helping take care of an injured worker, I asked how the injury occurred.  He told me that was lifting a 341-pound box—yes, THREE HUNDRED AND … Continued

Cut Down the Stress

Walking down the hallway last week, I noticed one of my employees whose eyes appeared very tired. I asked her if she was OK, and she responded that she had not slept much in the past few days, due to … Continued

Legalizing Weed – Laws of Thermodynamics Need Not Apply

As a chemistry major from the University of Illinois, I used to be able to explain anything by the laws of chemistry and physics.  However, the government sometimes challenges me to explain their actions when it defies logic, let alone … Continued

Drug Testing – Urine is Still the Gold Standard

O.K., the title of the article may be crass, but it holds true.  Urine drug testing is still the most widely used method for detecting substances in a person’s body.  Drug testing has become second nature in today’s employment community.  … Continued

Jekyll and Hyde in Human Resources

For years, Human Resource departments in large companies have faced an internal Jekyll and Hyde syndrome when hiring new employees. One side (recruiting) is in desperate need of employees, with supervisors begging for personnel to meet production deadlines and accountants … Continued

What is a MOD Rate? How Does it Affect Your Bottom Line?

A MOD rate contributes to how much companies pay each month in workers’ compensation premiums.  It is partly determined based on the industry classification a company operates in and how many OSHA recordables it accumulates.  If a company’s MOD rate … Continued